Seaweed caviar is a vegan alternative of Tobiko flying fish caviar. Moreover, the similarity between these two products can be traced in all main external and gastronomic characteristics: the size of pearls, crunch and texture. During the time of active growth of vegan products popularity and  development of vegan culture in Russia seaweed tobiko is a profitable alternative for real caviar.

Plant-based caviar is a good idea for those who, for different reasons, cannot afford to eat fish caviar. That is why we can say that everyone can afford Vegan caviar.   

Vegan caviar is made by processing seaweed and does not require any specific storage conditions. It fells absolutely comfortable in a dry warehouse. In addition, it is a rich source of iodine, bromine, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

  • rich crunch and textural identity of Tobiko
  • low in fat
  • does not contain animal or fish products
  • does not require storage in freezer
  • looks appetizing on a ready product during the day
  • it can be used in hot dishes - structure of the product is sustainable
  • suitable as a decorative element for various dishes
Vegan caviar is available in four colors: orange, green, red, and black

The desire to surprise customers and following modern trends in Russian gastronomic market-PRAVVKUS company presents Vegan tobiko seaweed caviar

Vegan tobiko caviar from the heart of the sea without fish