Soft and airy, tender and fragrant, light and sticky — these characteristics more accurately describe the rice variety Calrose from Australian plantations. Premium quality products from the world's most distinctive continent are now available in Russia.

From a slightly translucent to white color, medium oval shape-this is the ideal grain of Calrose with a very small amount of chalk and a wonderful look due to the first-class growing conditions.

The grain of Calrose rice is soft and tender, and saves moisture while cooking. It has a balanced stickiness, but not as tight as that of short-grain rice. This is why Calrose is used not only for making sushi and rolls, but also for paella - a gastronomic symbol of the Mediterranean Cuisine.
This type of rice is characterized by:

*excellent stickiness
*soft and airy texture after cooking without turning into porridge
*keeping the shape even without use of nori


The Calrose rice was first grown in California in the 1970s, and its agricultural homeland will forever remain in its name, where Cal - means California. However, the climatic uniqueness of Australia allowed this variety to achieve unsurpassed taste and production indicators.

At the same time, in addition to the tight structure of the grain itself, which is an important distinctive characteristic of this rice variety, it undergoes first-class grinding at the plant of the SunRice Group, which together guarantees us a minimum percentage of breakage.

The SunRice Group has been growing rice for more than 70 years, exercising strict quality control at all stages of production, and is one of the largest food products exporters in Australia. The most important production requirement of the company is the absence of chemical fertilizers during cultivation.

The wonderful nature of Australia gave to the world the Calrose rice. Sunrise Group has built and developed the entire production cycle. The "PRAVVKUS" company made it possible that Australian premium rice for sushi and rolls is available now in Russia for all lovers of Asian cuisine.

Calrose sushi rice: from Australia with love

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