Haitian soy sauces: legends of sauce production in Russia now

It is  more than an ordinary  sauce factory in the Chinese province of Guangdong — it is a place where a huge number of like-minded people united with the aim to create a first-class soy sauce in the variety of flavors and species that meets the requirements of both the Chinese domestic market and global trends.


For many years, the Haitian company has been the world leader in the production of soy sauces, as well as pan-Asian products based on soy sauce, which is in demand not only in China, but are also exported to more than 60 countries. It is not by chance that the Ministry of Commerce of China included Haitian in the list of the best Chinese brands. Taste, first-class quality and the highest standards of gastronomic safety in production-this is the basis of the Haitian company's philosophy.  

PRAVVKUS company is an official distributor of HAITIAN sauces. Together with our Chinese partners we want to develop and show the new shades of Chinese gastronomic culture in Russian market

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