How do we work?


Direct contracts with the manufacturer and the ability to match the specification to the customer's requirements


Cargo consolidation abroad and delivery to the customer's warehouse, as well as delivery products from the warehouse in Moscow

Full circle of product delivery under private label: we are ready to find the required product and deliver it to the customer


Supply HoReCa market in multi-temperature regime and delivery to the costumer’s distribution centre

PRAVVKUS provides a full range of services for the import and logistics of food products, as well as the sale of goods on the territory of Russia and the countries of The customs Union of the EAEU. With many years of experience and contracts with leading suppliers from the Asian countries, we are constantly searching for the best offers, taking into account the specifics of the Russian Food Service market. 
We are open and ready to cooperate with suppliers of large wholesale, as well as with network and single catering projects, offering optimal solutions without compromising on quality.

Our priorities:

  • QUALITY. Despite the fact that the modern market is often focused only on the price of the product, we know that the quality of products is still the most important criterion. Cooking is also a creative process in which there are no secondary details. That is why we use those products that we would like to see on our table.

  • RELIABILITY OF SUPPLIERS. We highly appreciate and value our relationships with suppliers that have passed many years of verification. Thanks to them we are able to offer quality products at attractive prices.

  • REGULAR REPLENISHMENT OF THE ASSORTMENT. We are constantly searching for new and interesting solutions for the Russian restaurant business, realizing how important it is for our clients and partners to be able to surprise and differ qualitatively from their competitors.

  • CONSULTING and MASTER CLASSES. Most of the products we import are components of a completely different gastronomic culture. But a sincere desire to open new gastronomic horizons for the Russian consumer requires serious training and understanding of the specifics. That is why we are glad to consult and to teach master classes how to work with products we supply.

  • Despite our professional experience, we sincerely believe that only continuous development, search for new solutions and offers, and readiness to discover the unknown allows us to stay in demand and  stay contemporary.  Our aim is to make cooperation with the company "RAWKUS" profitable and comfortable.

Who we work with?

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