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Palette of classic sauces for pan-Asian cuisine

Make your masterpieces

Shrilling crunching symphony of Indian breadcrumbs

Premium quality Calrose sushi rice: tender, airy and sticky

From Australia with love

About Us

The company "PRAVVKUS" is a large wholesale supplier of food products for Japanese restaurants in Moscow and other Russian cities.

We are reliable suppliers for many enterprises of wholesale and retail trade in food, chains of restaurants and sushi bars in various cities of Russia.

Our experience as a wholesale company has allowed us to set the following priorities in the field of production and supply.

With many years of experience and contracts with leading suppliers from Asian countries, we are constantly looking for the best offers, taking into account the specifics of the Russian HoReCa market.

We are open and ready to cooperate with major wholesale suppliers, as well as with restaurant chains and single catering projects, offering optimal solutions without compromising on quality.